Solid Carbide cutting tools.



versatile option

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Special application finishing end mills and Solid Carbide Drills

Customized Solid Carbide tools.

Preziss Diamant completes the range of tools for machining aluminium, cast iron, steels and special materials CFRP and GRP with solid carbide special tools.

Preziss Diamant, specializes in solutions for drilling, reaming and circular milling with custom profiles.

The customized solid carbide tools, have a very extensive field of application in the aerospace industry, the machine tool, also in the field of hydraulics and power generation.


The PVD coating.


Customized carbide fine boring tools.

PREZISS brings the maximum precision expression to all special tools, even in the case of carbide tipped tools. All resources and know-how acquired in the polycrystalline diamond tools are being applied in the customized carbide cutting tools.

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