Hole making


The innovative


for rough


fine boring.



The tools

We produce a wide range of PCD drills & step drills for hole processing for both, rough and finish cut.

Variety of point drill geometries have been developed to cover all possible application in pre-cast, through and blind holes but also other factors are taken into account to make the final design such as depth of hole, wall thickness, interrupted or non-interrupted cut, etc…… Every single detail counts to develop every drill!

Our PCD drills and step drills are mainly used for drilling aluminium & magnesium, wood, plastics, CFRP, GRP materials, etc…. showing excellent wear resistant properties when machining such as highly abrasive materials and conferring to the tool an extremely long tool life compared to traditional Carbide drills.

Among the wide diversity of materials and drilling applications, and thanks to our dilated experience and time served know-how, we can always advise the best PCD grade to be used in every case to improve, even more, the tool efficiency and yield.


High-Performance PCD and Solid Carbide Drills

Drilling and reaming

All in one!

Apart of typical straight drilling, we strive in developing cum-drill reamers for complex drilling operations where we combine, with success, drilling and reaming process at the same time with the aim to eliminate unnecessary tools and reduce cycle time.

Tool designs

Best PCD and carbide grades for cutting tips and tool bodies, coolant hole channels optimization, best cutting geometry and overall tool design are thoroughly taken into account not to skip any detail to produce optimal customized tools for every application.

Our objective is conferring to the tool the maximum tool life, an excellent surface finish and reliable and constant hole size.

Multi purpose

drilling reamers

with multi-guide pad solution,

for complex hole machining, all

in one tool to increase efficiency

in the manufacturing process.



full face pcd drill bit
full face pcd drill bit





Preziss designs and produces specifically custom tools for valve bodies. Drilling and reaming of cored holes in valve bodies present a significant challenge when tolerance allows only for microns in the tool diameter. Due to this fact, Preziss developed drills and reamers with helical shape guide pads and two reaming steps to improve the process of valve bodies.


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