new design

easy mounting

more reliable

more performance


by PREZISS tools
K-MILL the new milling cutter by preziss



new design:


A newly developed PREZISS K_MILL face mill with original new concept of Full Face PCD replaceable & reversible inserts. Large ap of 8,0mm thanks to full face insert development, higher Nr. Of cutting edges & reversible inserts stands for quality, performance & cost efficiency.  patent pending P201631389

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Easy assembly


Thanks to a new clamping system designed to the minimum detail, the inserts can be easily turned and/or replaced and fixed again in a very fast, safe and easy way.


Final accurate axial adjustment is possible for every insert to guarantee performance & accuracy.


by preziss


More reliable


Unique & tested state of the art system with top quality components specially designed to perform and fulfil high machining demands.


More performance


The evolution in milling surfaces gets a new ultimate dimension, K_MILL is a new powerful milling tools developed to perform. Thanks to its newly & well developed design the cutter has a larger Nr.

of cutting edges allowing higher feed rates. The revolutionary insert design also confers the

tool a longer “ap” that can reduce cycle times.


Reversible inserts makes it even more

cost effective.

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K_MILL elements



- Cutting depth of 8,0 mm (ap)

- High number of teeth

- Easy mounting system

- Easy adjustment system