Fine boring tools.


​The perfect

solutions are designed

specially for

every application.

preziss pcd reaming and fine boring tools for machining aluminium automotive parts

PCD fine boring tools

Today automotive components are made of Aluminium alloys due to its light weight & strength.

Preziss Diamant offers a complete

high performance PCD tool range

for high precision machining

of these components.

Cylinder heads, gearbox housing,

turbo chargers, brake pumps,

steering housing, valve body,

converter housing, steering knuckle and more components for which Preziss Diamant has developed, design and manufacture best boring and reaming solutions according

to customer requirements.


Cylinder head

Product Quality

Tools are designed and manufactured

by the most qualified tooling engineers

and technicians, using the last advanced

drawing data-base and production

technology together with our internal

managing system that protects the design

and tool geometries content to ensure the

repeatability and reliability of each tool.


Increasing and optimizing productivity

Tools are designed to optimize the machining

process by increasing RPM's and feed rates

and reducing cycle time.

By combining tools together, we design & develop

multi-task tools conferring to the machining process

less down times and increasing productivity.


Fine boring systems for precision bore finishing

​valve seat pilot tool

CBN ISO inserts, carbide reamer, internal coolant supply, A.R.C system


Fine Boring tool

with guide pads and

PCD replaceable head


Cam bore pilot tool

PCD blades, A.R.C,

internal coolant supply


Seat and guide

parent bore

PCD reamer, A.R.C sys.,

fine adjustment system,

internal coolant supply

Cam bore finishing


PCD blades, fine

adjustment taper,

internal coolant supply

Turbine radius adjustment

PCD Z=4 reamer + profile radius sinking,HSK 63A taper, internal coolant supply


External machining


PCD Z=2 external

contour milling, HSK 63A taper internal coolant supply

Cold side housing

PCD multi-diameter reamer, HSK 63A taper

internal coolant supply

Multi-stepped reamer

PCD Z=4 reamer 5 diameters HSK 63A taper with fine balancing internal coolant supply

Multi-stepped reamer

PCD Z=2 reamer 5 diameters HSK 63A taper with fine balancing

internal coolant supply

Multi-task reamer/milling tool

PCD Z=4 reamer and milling profile tool, HSK 63A taper with fine balancing

internal coolant supply

Multi-task reamer/ back

boring tool

PCD Z=2 reamer and back

boring,HSK 63A taper

with fine balancing,

internal coolant supply



Combined Tool examples

Preziss Diamant precision boring tools for the machining of the valve guide and seat.

The seat cutting tool element ensures gas tight seals and  achieve the dimensional stability of the valve seats. the PCD reaming tools produce a perfect and accurate valve guide, thanks to its double entrance and multiple cutting edges reducing cycle time processes.

Features :

-Differential pitch

-PCD tipped

-Through coolant holes

-Easy adjustment

-Balanced tool

-Integrated HSK shank

-Regrinding or retrofitting


Intake/exhaust parent bore


PCD reamer with fine

run-out adjustment

mounted over A.R.C arbor

to achieve maximum precision.

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