ISO insert tools.





high accuracy.


Special tools

with combination of ISO inserts and PCD

sliding blades whit fine adjustment.

The system forms the basis of Preziss comprehensive

tooling solutions to specific customer requirements.

We are showing a few tool solution examples

that Preziss can provide on request.

Preziss has now launched the FLEXReam. A standard line of carbide and PCD indexable single blade reamers. The FLEXReam is a high speed reaming system with internal coolant holes and two cutting edges with four possible lead angles.

The single indexable blade with wear resistant carbide pads offers the combination of an economical solution and high precision results.

The exceptional level of accuracy can now eliminate additional operations in the work piece. This is possible thanks to the perfectly brazed guide pads and the fine blade adjustment.

PCD Cam bore pilot tool


mounting PCD sliding

blade tool combined with ISO inserts on a steel body construction mounted over A.R.C

HSK 63 A taper.

Hybrid reamer with adjustable and

replaceable blades.


PREZISS DIAMANT hybrid reamer with dual body structure of tungsten carbide and high quality steel. a PCD or TCT replaceable and fine adjustable single blade for high precision bores.

precision reamers and fine boring tools


prezss diamant high precision fine boring tools

Cylinder heads:

Fine boring tools assembling PCD and carbide blades, equipped with polycrystalline diamond guide pads. fine machining tool of the camshaft bearings.

flexibility in the machining of internal and external fine boring.

ISO placing inserts in alternate positions allows the complete machining of complex contours joining step boring, radii, chamfers and  circular milling in only one single tool.

tools can be designed for roughing or finishing, always seeking to meet the needs of machining times to achieve stable and effective process.

for increased performance Preziss Diamant offers the possibility of mounting adjustment systems for ISO inserts that guarantees the reliability

in the machining process even when

the inserts are being replaced.

cylinder head cutting tools

High precision modular systems.

High Precision modular tools for universal machining tasks where accurate tolerances and surface finish are demanded in operations of fine boring, reaming or milling.

Special cutting tools and fine boring tools assembling ISO inserts

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