Preziss Diamant, precision cutting tools. Wide range of polycrystalline diamond stepped reamers for machining almost all their non-ferrous parts

Reaming tools.


High precision

accuracy in




PCD reamers


PCD and carbide reamers:

Sophisticated materials demand

sophisticated tools: PCD (polycrystalline diamond).

Light-duty and high-tensile materials

(e.g. aluminium and magnesium alloys and fibre reinforced plastics) have begun to replace traditional materials such as cast iron or steel in the automotive and aerospace industry. For the economical, precision machining of sophisticated materials, PCD cutting tools are the right choice. This is because PCD cutting tools deliver users better quality, greater process reliability and, above all, increased productivity.


Helical guide pad reamer

A newly developed reamer designed

with a helical guide pad system,

specially recommended for high precision reaming applications with interrupted cut areas. May be used for both wet and MQL machining, operates within extreme roundness & straightness.

high performance single diameter PCD reamer for aluminium machining

Preziss diamant develops PCD reamers with PCD and

carbide guide pads designed for extended tool life and size control providing the customer with a very tight diameter range and high Cpk.


machining valve guide and seat in a cylinder head
PREZISS DIAMANT has the same high standards when designing and manufacturing our tools as you require for your parts dedicating all experience.
precision boring tools machining camshaft bearing cannel

Motor Cylinder head

PCD reamers are recommended when close tolerances, bore geometry and concentricity are required.

Camshaft boring finishing tool


PCD Z=4+4 with guide pads and fine run-out adjustment mounted over A.R.C arbour SK50 internal coolant supply and fine balanced.

roughing and finishing pilot tool


PCD 2 steps reamer Z=6+6+4

with fine run-out adjustment

mounted over A.R.C arbour SK50 internal coolant supply and fine balanced.

Our PCD solid reamers with integrated internal coolant supply are delivered for single or multi-step diameters, depending

on the application. For both, boring and

countersinking/counter boring, we can produce tools from the simplest design to the most complex development, with various step profiles.

The tools are produced under customer demand, with different PCD grades, shoulder and edge cutting designs, number of teeth, sizes and tool holders.


The facts speak for themselves:


• significantly higher cutting speeds and

   feed rates


• increased dimensional accuracy and

   process reliability


• Less process steps, e.g. thanks to

   extensive freedom from burr


• ultra-long life of PCD tools.


• Less tool changes thanks to a combination

   of multiple operations in one tool deliver

   savings on machine costs.


• tool costs reduced by up to 50 % thanks

   to regrinding and reconditioning.


In just 30 years PCD has become the best

Ultra-hard cutting material for machining non-ferrous metals and non-metallic component materials and today it is impossible to imagine modern production

machining technology without it.


For lightweight and composite materials, PCD tipped reamers are being used increasingly for highly complex reaming operations. For the complete machining of reamed holes in aluminium, Preziss Diamant supplies

special multiple-blade PCD-tipped reamers.

These tools are used in particular for machining aluminium components such as brake pumps, cylinder head valve parent bores, injection bores, gear box housing, transmission casings and steering-system tubes among many other application for the

automotive industry.


Tooling system


The precise manufacturing methods used for making PCD reamers are capable of achieving low run values below 4 μm and operating speeds in excess of 10,000 min-1. If requested. In addition, our reamers can also be supplied completely assembled and fine-balanced with our radial/axial compensation  holder( A.R.C system), so that the setting-up time is minimized and machines can be rapidly equipped with the necessary tools without delays.

Usually the process of stepped bores has chamfers

and/or radii associated which have to be machined too.

Today this is solved with one tool only which guarantees, itself, the concentricity of individual steps..


PCD reamer for machining camshaft bearing seats in aluminium cylinder heads. The possibility of axial and radial adjustment of the cutting edges guarantees an individual adaptation to the machining task.


The industrial world of metal machining is growing and requires faster and more accurate tools, which will in turn assure higher quality control standards. Our target is to reduce operating cost by cutting machining times and improving product quality.

PREZISS DIAMANT is proud to offer a complete package of customized reaming solutions. Our unique tools for hole finishing applications provide increased manufacturing productivity.


PREZISS's most experienced reaming specialists help to guide customers in selecting the most correct and optimal reaming tool solution for a particular application, in order to achieve the highest finishing standards and achieve production challenges. We concentrate on the most important aspects, which will consistently lead our customers to successful and profitable hole finishing.


PCD solid head micro reamer

Machining of valve seat and guide

finish machining of valve seat and valve guide parent bore. Run-out radial and axial adjustment.

Finish machining of valve train guide insert.

Rigid insert seat and clamping, fine adjustment of the reamer concentricity and the radial and axial run-out compensation.

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