a precision cutting tools manufacturer



A family company with more than 40 years of experience dedicated to the manufacture of precision tooling, offering a wide range of innovations, from the initial project development to the overall tool management.

Company fully involved in the machining processes and offering engineered solutions for the industrial sectors of woodworking, metal-working and aerospace.

 Initially, the company based its activities in the manufacture

and service of conventional HM tools.

Later and coinciding with the introduction of the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) as a new material for cutting edges, Preziss Diamant decided to incorporate this technology into its

production process and investigated the properties and

possibilities of this new material.


After twenty years of experience and thanks to investments in research and development, equipment and the training of

our work team force in using this technology, today, we can produce the

most advanced PCD tools available in the market, some of which now hold exclusive patents.

The future begins today with new projects in research and development with the aim to offer new advanced tooling

solutions that helps end users to reach new challenges.

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