Tool holders.


The right choice

for the


of your

cutting tools.


Designing the clamping system

adaptors have been engineered to make the

cutter extremely rigid. For this reason, they are

designed with oversized flange diameters in

combination with larger drive keys which allow the perfect tightness with the cutter body. In this way coolant leakage, which can be harmful to the spindle too, are avoided. The coolant pressure stays stable and a perfect cleaning of the cutting area during the machining is guaranteed.

The Preziss holders undergo careful and meticulous production processes.

That’s why they are particularly suitable for machining at high cutting speeds, in wet, dry or MQL operations.

The holders are all fine balanced for high cutting speeds.



Radial and angular run-out should be thoroughly inspected prior to reaming.

Excessive run-out accelerates wear, causes chipping of the leading chamfer and

produces poor surface finish and cylindricity – resulting in a tapered hole.

The run-out is influenced by the entire system through the spindle, the adapter and the shank clamping. All of the connecting elements should be thoroughly inspected during assembly.

Run-out can cause an enlarged (out of tolerance) hole, especially in soft materials such as aluminium. In order to obtain the best reaming results, we recommend verifying that the whole

system run-out does not exceed 5μm.


The A.R.C. system is the run-out compensation solution that Preziss Diamant offers to adjust the radial and axial errors that sometimes happen due to the intensive use of machining centres.

A.R.C. system makes possible to maintain the dimensional work piece tolerances by saving all unforeseen errors by adjusting cutting tools.

Tool holder system

Preziss recommend using rigid holding

system with low radial and angular

run-out on machines.

Compatible tool holders for reaming,

drilling and milling tools with

Flexibility is the key to success of Preziss PCD and tailored made tools. The A.R.C. system is the holding system that offers greater range of run out and fine adjustment for operations requiring accurate finished holes.


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